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Genomic medicine is tranforming healthcare

Demand for products and services in the multi-billion dollar genomic industry is exploding.

Genomic medicine is a transformational investment opportunity that is changing the $8.7 trillion global healthcare industry.

Decreasing costs of genomic sequencing and increasing processing capabilities will make it routine to analyze everyone's genomic makeup. This will usher in a new era for personalized medicine to prevent or treat disease more efficiently and effectively and improve the health, wellness, and longevity of all people.

The Value of a Premium Domain

Websites are an essential marketing tool for every company. A valuable domain name is a significant factor in how people find and choose what to click for more information. A valuable domain improves search engine rankings and brand perception. What makes a domain valuable?

Instantly establishes trust
and authority

Easy to spell, pronounce 
and remember

Industry defining

.com domain

Keyword rich

Highly brandable

Examples of leading life sciences companies harnessing the power of premium domains:

Premium Domain,,
Controlling Owner
Johson & Johnson/Janssen Oncology
Boston Scientific

Billion of dollars are spent annually marketing genomic products and services. Owning will provide tremendous value distinguishing you from the competition and increase awareness and sales for your company.

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